Caribbean Night: Embarking On The Last Culinary Journey Of 2020

Across the course of a year, our residents and their tastebuds are taken across the world, trying new and exciting cuisine and getting a taste for exotic cultures, all without leaving the village grounds. Our final themed dinner of 2020 is no exception as we prepare the residents for an evening featuring fresh, fragrant flavours of the Caribbean. It is only fitting that our final themed dinner is a tropical welcome to Summer 2020.

Friday, November 13th marks the final Elements themed dinner party of the year. This month’s theme is Caribbean cuisine! As usual, we are not taking this village themed festivity lightly. Tables will be decorated in true Caribbean style, and residents and their guests are encourage to sport their Summer best and come dressed in bright colours relative to the Caribbean culture (HINT: think ‘Welcome to Summer’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’).

The Festivities

Prepare to have your mouth watering as we present this month’s Caribbean dining menu.

For the main dish, Elements guests will be able to choose from a Jerk Chicken with Chickpea, Orange Fennel, and lightly spiced Tomato Salad, or a Coconut Poached Ocean Trout with warm Cous Cous, Avocado, Mango and Mint salsa and grilled Lime.

The Caribbean style dessert will be a Pina Colada and Kaffir Lime Ice Cream with Pineapple Almond Cake and Coconut Foam.

This month, our guest speaker for the evening is a familiar face, Chef Brian Pozzey. Apart from cooking, Chef Poz is also deeply passionate about sailing. So, this themed dinner will be accompanied by the tales of Brian Pozzey’s ‘Sailing Adventures’.


Reminiscing on the Feasts that were

It has been an eventful year in many ways, s0 let us take a walk down memory lane and look back at the culinary journey that was 2020. Thinking back to February, we celebrated the Chinese New Year Elements Style! This of course meant amazing food as we were spoilt with a sensational buffet of Asian cuisine prepared by our managing director Chiou See, and the Elements staff. This was our biggest Elements community centre event of the year as we welcomed 250 guests to enjoy one another’s company over a mouth-watering cuisine, and traditional lion dance.

It was not long after the Chinese New Year celebrations that 2020 took a turn and we were struck with COVID-19. Although, at Elements, no obstacle is too great. The new restrictions only made room for opportunity to get creative and innovative around the village! Our wonderful monthly themed dinners of course had to be put on hold, although as restrictions started to ease, Chiou See was struck with genius. It was in May of 2020 that Chiou See decided she would cook and deliver dinners to the residents every Wednesday, one street at a time. This was a great way for residents to ease back into their social groove whilst abiding by COVID-19 restrictions.

Luckily for us Queenslanders, the COVID-19 restrictions did not last too long, and we were lucky enough to jump back into our groove and celebrate our annual Christmas in July themed dinner!

Let us not forget, this August we indulged in a Moroccan themed dinner party. This event was truly a complete sensory sensation! The themed dinners will be missed for now, although 2021 will be sure to pack a punch with many more monthly themed dinners to be shared.

Invitation to the Caribbean Dinner

If you would like to join us for the Caribbean themed dinner on 13 November, please register your interest here.



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