Exciting Updates are Underway at the Daisy Hill Conservation Park next to Elements Springwood

It’s no secret that our Springwood residents love to visit the beautiful landscape of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, situated directly next to Elements Living. How could anyone resist the stunning nature walking tracks and prime picnic spots located just a few steps from your front door? And now, our residents are excited to see the Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Project underway!

Enjoy this insight into the history of Daisy Hill and what updates you can expect to see in the coming years!


The Dennis Family

The Dennis family holds a special place in the heart of Daisy Hill as the first Europeans to settle in this charming community. Back in 1870, they proudly acquired a whopping 800 acres of land, which they lovingly named Daisy Hill after their daughters, who had spotted beautiful daisies (Olearia Nernstii) growing on the hill. It’s a name that has stuck with the area ever since.

Exciting Updates are Underway at the Daisy Hill Conservation Park pictured

The Origins of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Initially, Daisy Hill Forest was designated as a timber reserve in 1874, but its significance only grew over time. In fact, in 1917, it became the very first State Forest in Queensland, a true pioneer in its own right. A small portion of the forest even served as a rifle range back in 1901 until a devastating bushfire in 1908 reduced mantles and targets to ashes. Fortunately, the land was restored to its natural forest state in 1952.

Fast forward to 1986, when Daisy Hill Forest made yet another transformation, this time becoming a State Forest Park. Over the years, the forest has served a variety of purposes, from providing timber and honey to supporting gold mining and grazing activities. However, in 2006, the Queensland government recognised the importance of preserving this precious habitat and designated it as Daisy Hill Conservation Park, focusing on both habitat conservation and recreation.

The Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Project

Now, the Queensland government is taking further steps to ensure the long-term management and utilisation of “Daisy Hill Koala Bushland” through a comprehensive ten-year plan (2017-2027). The ambitious Stage I of this plan, which received a budget of $4.1 million, was primarily completed in 2018 in anticipation of the Commonwealth Games held in 2019. The improvements brought about by Stage I was truly remarkable, including upgraded toilet facilities, BBQ areas, shelters, walking tracks, a boardwalk, interpretive signs, nature play areas, interactive games, and a revitalised Koala Centre. Furthermore, community projects focused on weed management and revegetation were initiated, resulting in the planting of 10,000 native plants, including koala food trees.

Mick de Brenni at Daisy Hill

Stage 2, which is currently underway (2021-2023) with a budget of $2 million, is being undertaken in collaboration with the Daisy Hill Design and Delivery Group, consisting of dedicated local representatives. The department responsible for this project is actively engaging with stakeholders and the local community, with notable involvement from esteemed residents Rex and Beryl. This stage includes a range of exciting projects, such as improved disability and mobility access from the Dennis Road entry to the day-use area, additional car parking at the Daisy Hill mountain bike trail hub, and a purpose-built horse float parking area that connects to the shared trail network. Moreover, new amenities will be added to the Daisy Hill trail hub, while the mountain bike trail and walking track networks will be enhanced to offer new trails of varying distances, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of visitors.

The projected completion date for Stage 2 is May 2023, marking an exciting milestone in the ongoing development of Daisy Hill Koala Bushland. It is worth noting that the information regarding Stage 2 and onwards has been compiled from the Queensland Government Parks and Forests website.

The Queensland government’s dedication to preserving and enhancing Daisy Hill Koala Bushland demonstrates their commitment to protecting our natural treasures for future generations to enjoy.

Elements Managing Director Chiou See Anderson at the Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Stage Two Opening of Daisy Hill Conservation Park

We are thrilled to announce a wonderful enhancement to our community park that is sure to make resident visits even more enjoyable. Thanks to the valuable input and assistance from Rex and Beryl, we’ve introduced a fantastic new addition that aims to provide a more convenient and accessible experience for all.

New Entry Gate and Walkways

You can now stroll into the park through a brand-new entry gate from Dennis Road, where the path ahead invites you onto newly designed walkways that offer a more comfortable experience. These walkways have been carefully planned with Daisy Hill visitors in mind. The bluestone walkway guides you seamlessly from the Dennis Road entry point deep into the heart of the park, where you’ll find the serene BBQ areas and the amenities block.

We’d like to say a heartful thanks to Mick, Rex, and Beryl as none of this would have been possible without their invaluable contributions. Their insightful suggestions and dedicated planning have played a pivotal role in shaping this transformation.


Love to Live Next to this wonderful Conservation Park?

If you would like to be one of the residents enjoying this beautiful environment, we invite you to book a tour. Contact our friendly team today to arrange a time to visit or see homes currently available in our Springwood village.


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