Care and Support

Elements residents commonly share the desire to actively embrace their Third Age of life. Elements can provide you the opportunity to do just that!


Every consideration has been given to a modern retirees’ busy, active life, comfort and security when designing our homes.

We do however recognise from time to time additional care and support may be required, which can easily be delivered without the need to alter the homes. We have also formed partnerships with well-respected and trusted health, security and care providers.

Care and Support Options

Elements residents have access to Heather Hill in-home care and lifestyle support packages including assistance around the home.

Telecare, Telehealth, Assistive

Residents have access to a range of security and safety options delivered by Tunstall to maintain their independence and secure peace of mind for loved ones.

GP Services

A local clinic that fully understands senior health.

After hours, in-home GP.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Packages

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives older people and their carers greater control about the types of care services they receive and the delivery of those services.

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