Dawn of Chinese New Year the perfect reason to party

It’s no secret we love a celebration at Elements Retirement Living.

Christmas and Easter, Australia Day and Melbourne Cup, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – give us a special occasion and our residents will be sure to come together to mark it.

Having done just that only a few weeks ago on New Year’s Eve, we have now turned our sights to a new year of a different kind that allows us to not only embrace an entirely different culture but have a lot of fun doing so.

Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar, which this year happens to fall on Saturday, January 25.

Celebrating this wonderful occasion is a calendar highlight and annual tradition at Elements Retirement Living, with countless residents and their families gathering at our stunning Club Elements community centre for a night of celebration.

Delicious Chinese food is always on the menu, while lion dancers share their amazing talents with enthusiastic audience members.

Over the years we have even started our own Chinese New Year traditions, with a home-grown custom we call ‘The Matriarch’ ensuring one of the most touching moments of the night.

With our community’s loved ones watching on, our eldest resident is handed the honour of presenting gifts to any delighted grandchildren who have joined us, a lesson in respect and social connection across the generations.

We also hold raffles each year to raise money for three charities that have been selected by Elements Retirement Living residents.

Logan may be a long way from China but as a community blessed to boast so many cultures, the city has always been proactive in celebrating their various customs and holidays.

Such is the case at Elements Retirement Living and as the sun rises on the Chinese Year of the Rat, our residents have once again seized the opportunity to be part of what we consider the city’s best little Chinese New Year celebrations.

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