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One of the workshop’s first-ever members, Charles Rice, started an Elements craze some years ago which is still going strong. Making handcrafted timber pens was a fun and simple way to let ‘unhandy’ men and women (and handy ones, too) get in touch with their creative side. Charles’ timber pens took off immediately.

Ever since, Elements residents have been producing unique one-offs using local hard and softwoods such as red cedar, citrus, pine and camphor laurel, and fitting them with biro kits. Giving one as a gift to a loved or appreciated somebody is a meaningful gesture that nothing shop-bought can compete with.

Although Charles has left us, his legacy lives on. Workshop members will soon be producing timber pens featuring the Elements name. This will mean exclusive gifts for our many public speakers, musicians, tutors, guides, instructors, entertainers and helpers. Thank you, Charles.

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