Sound Healing

Sound healing uses music and sound to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. Members of our weekly yoga class and others who decided to give this Eastern therapy a go were treated to a session of relaxation with our regular yoga teacher, Tracie. As a trained sound healing practitioner, Tracie brought a room full of supine or seated residents a fresh experience. Whether it had an effect or not, it led to a lively discussion the following week.

As everyone was promised a great night’s sleep after the musical hour and as the immediate effects of the session were on the whole positive, a few of the group were disappointed the next morning. However, most agreed that the experience was unusual, pleasant and a gentle opportunity to reflect on our existence.

With these comments in mind, a second sound healing session is being arranged. Elements residents know that all they need to do is ask. And they don’t feel the need to hold back!

While Elements regularly arranges unusual experiences, our residents also enjoy a full calendar of less bohemian experiences. From playing cards to making wooden card racks at the workshop, singing sessions to walking groups, and from U3A classes to trivia competitions, it’s up to you how much you do, or not do. But we do challenge you to resist the temptation of signing up to any number of our activities. Come and visit us for a tour of our incredible community. We know you’ll be impressed!

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