Conversation with Seniors – Mick De Brenni

In the third week of August Australia celebrated National Seniors’ Week with various country-wide events geared around third age communities, their rights, lifestyles and life choices. As ever, Elements joined in with this national conversation hosting a morning tea with Mick De Brenni, Minister for Sport, Housing and Public Works. Mick didn’t come alone; he was accompanied by staff members representing other local government departments. Together, they informed a packed community centre about online Qgov access for the registering of Senior Card concessions, future changes to the Retirement Villages Act and Manufactured Homes Act, and the proposed opening of a new local transport link with parking facilities.

Mick’s contribution to this event focused on Dying with Dignity and the government’s current view on the ethical issues surrounding the right to euthanasia. Debate and resident input brought to the forefront current and past experiences of friends and relatives in palliative care and gave Mick much food for thought to share with Parliament members.

Elements Retirement Village takes pride in joining public discussions at every level – local, national and international. Our like-minded community is a curious one, and a vocal one. While there’s rarely a clear wrong and right, working one’s way through to a thoughtful decision is always an opportunity for growth. As an Elements resident, you can be sure your voice and opinions count.

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