Travelling Residents

Elements retirement village is a beautiful place to live. Surrounded by lush greenery and not far from the coast, some of our residents are happy to spend the majority of their time as contented locals.

However, most of our residents take the opportunity to discover the rest of the world as often as they can. Elements group tours of national and international destinations are always extremely popular cultural, gastronomical and usually comical get-togethers where those with itchy feet can kick off their shoes and indulge their wanderlust. Over the years, Elements residents have been treated to multiple trips. The only complication is trying to book your own trips so they don’t coincide with Elements group holiday dates.

Two of our community members recently returned from a road trip through the Australian outback. Following the entire 383-mile Oodnadatta track they travelled this traditional aboriginal trading route which even today is completely unsealed (and often closed whenever it rains). The famous Elements adventuring spirit and an SUV transported Jan and her husband from Maree to Oodnadatta, arriving at a destination claimed to be the hottest and driest place in Australia. Upon arrival in the tiny town of Oodnadatta, both were a little dusty but extremely appreciative of our own country’s culture, wildlife, history and traditions.

Happy Living involved making the most out of every moment. At Elements retirement village, you are spoiled for choice. Our community is like-minded but one feature binds us all. Complete respect. For the staff, this means making resident’s lives interesting, motivating, mentally and physically challenging and socially engaging. For our residents, a listening ear, the appreciation of the community spirit and the acceptance of others’ opinions and choices. Because of this, we find that travel is a pastime that the majority of our residents have in common. Absorbing new cultures and travelling through different scenery is an experience you will have many opportunities to enjoy as an Elements Happy Living community member.

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