Leah Lever Live!

If you live in South East Queensland and appreciate classical music, you will have heard of Leah Lever. Redland City’s Young Citizen of the Year in 2017 and a musical prodigy from the age of three, Leah is the only protégé of the internationally renowned Australian-Dutch soprano Mirusia Mouwerse, who is herself touring the country until May 23rd. Leah was also the recipient of the 2018 NCWQ (National Council of Women Qld) Elements Living Bursary so we are very proud to claim her as one of our very own.

As Young Citizen of the Year, Leah sings at various local shows and events, delighting her audiences with all styles of music, her true heart nestled in the classics of opera, musicals and ballads from the 1940s to 1960s. Elements was honoured to welcome such a sparkling, young personality to the village, and news of her concert spread quickly. There were no empty seats; the younger family members had to make do with the floor. Everyone was more than happy to make a donation towards this humble young lady’s study fund. We are sure she will become as famous as her mentor.

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