Toe Tapping Tunes

(repost 1 Feb 2022 from former Vacenti managed Con Noi website)

In the 1970s, Allan took a liking to brass instruments. Fancying clarinets, he took lessons to learn and eventually started playing alongside his musical brother in a band. This band played at functions around the Beenleigh district, entertaining audiences from weddings to casual concerts.

Allan also tried his hand at teaching himself to play the saxophone. Allan loves remembering back to the days he would play alongside other saxophones, double basses, piano players, drums and guitars.

To this day, Allan, in his 90s, still plays both instruments. “It keeps my mind active, ” Allan says. “He plays less frequently than he would like,” mentioned his wife Grace, who would go along to all the concerts.

Allan showed us his two beautiful instruments and music sheets of classic songs like ‘Obladi Oblada’ and performed part of the well-known song ‘Tequilla’.

Sometimes he will entertain fellow Con Noi residents on a social evening. Residents not only enjoy Allan’s tunes, they are usually up dancing and singing along too.

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