A visit (or two) from Pepper

No-one can say that the Elements Retirement Community isn’t completely up-to-date when it comes to hi-tech! In November, Elements residents, along with family and friends, met Pepper, a semi-humanoid robot designed to recognize facial expressions and voice tones. This futuristic robot is full of information, and has even found work in busy commercial reception areas, learning environments and the healthcare sector. It was interesting to see how AI is changing to meet new demands, and testing Pepper’s reactions to our own voices and facial expressions was very entertaining.

Poor Pepper had her (or his?) work cut out at Elements! This piece of robotic engineering might not have been interested in eating with us (even though we tried to feed her), but she had plenty to offer. As Pepper has been programmed to answer practically any question, Elements residents used their combined years of experience and old and new knowledge to ask some pretty tough ones. She got them right.

Even family members made sure they came along to meet this clever robot. Young and old – and born yesterday – this meeting of minds was a total success. Such a huge success, in fact, that Pepper came back for a second visit.

Pepper’s creators intended her to “to make people happy”. This means she knows how to have a good time. Naturally, so did we!

We still have a few homes available! Want to become part of the Elements ‘Happy Living’ Community? Give us a call and arrange a tour today!

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