Finding Your Creativity At Elements


“What will you do when you retire?”

The answer? Anything.

Elements is far more than a picturesque gated community for over 50s. It is a place that promotes fulfillment, happiness, adventure, and creativity encouraging those in our community to explore, learn and experience something new.

Offering an extensive selection of activities   promoting social interaction, residents have many opportunities to learn a new skill and discover new passions. From all walks of life, there is a common denominator that many of our residents’ share, creativity. We are constantly impressed with the level of intricacy, quality and creativity Elements residents  produce.

Craft and Chat

Craft and Chat began on September 17th with this month marking 6 years of creativity. Elements residents have spent many a Tuesday morning basking in the company of others, laughing over morning tea and either working together on a project, or simply doing their own works of art.  For these ladies, craft is a hobby and a passion they now use to give back to the community by helping with local initiatives and deserving charities.

Craft and Chat is open to anyone who wishes to participate. The ladies encourage new residents to join regardless of skill level or creativity and enjoy the “chat” instead. With charity events effected by Covid-19, Craft and Chat has become more about companionship but rest assured that when the time comes to support the community, these women have needle and thread at the ready.

The Workshop

One of the most popular facilities here at Elements is our Workshop. Our Workshop is an inclusive space boasting state of the art tools and machinery to keep the handy man and woman busy and occupied with exciting projects.

Like Craft and Chat, Workshop activities are available to residents every Tuesday to work on group projects but open 24/7 to work on your own creative tasks.  Some residents have spent many years working with their hands and love that they can still be ‘on the tools’.  For others,  the Workshop offers opportunities to learn something new and discover new skills.  It has also become another meeting place to connect over a shared passion for creativity with an ice cold beer.

We take the safety and welfare of our residents very seriously so stringent safety precautions have been implemented to ensure that everyone who enters the Workshop are safe and leave with all fingers intact. Those wishing to use the Workshop must first complete a safety induction to receive their induction certificate.

The Workshop have been responsible for completing many projects not only within our own village but also in our local community producing works for local schools, groups and charities – always giving back!


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