A Pet Friendly Village Is The Best Kind Of Village

At Elements, we believe that pets are an integral part of the family.

It is often common for those making the transition to either a retirement village or assisted living facility, to have to part ways with their feathered or four-legged companions which is especially distressing (and we believe totally unnecessary) for all involved. We are a family here at Elements, and pets, great and small, are part of that dynamic and are always welcome.

Elements is Pro-Pets

For Chiou See Anderson, our Managing Director, pet-ownership is a joy and very close to her heart. Developing a village that invited not only individuals, but their furry or feathered family members  was simply a non-negotiable. In fact, Chiou See spent considerable resources to legally overturn a Council ban on pets.

Each intricate detail of life at Elements was considered during the planning and construction of the homes, facilities and village and with that, consideration for those residents who would be joining us alongside their pet family members. Our village is not only a sanctuary for our residents but for their furry and feathered “loved ones” who too can enjoy a spacious environment, plenty of outdoor space and access to the Daisy Hill Conservation Park (AKA, dog heaven).

We at Elements, are proud to be a pet-friendly retirement village, welcoming retirees with dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. In fact, more than half of the house holds here in our village have pets!

Our Very Own Live-In Therapy Pets

People from all walks of life relish the happiness that animals bring to their day. It is well known that our animal friends have a natural ability to bring a sense of calm and ease while providing emotional support for so many varying circumstances. This revelation is why pet therapy has become a common fixture in many community facilities. With that in mind, allowing pets to reside  here with us at Elements was very important not only to boost morale and well-being, but to provide support and companionship in many other ways.

You don’t have to have a pet to live at Elements, as residents who do not have pets of their own, can still enjoy the pleasures of pet companionship with many of their neighbours bringing their pets along for communal pats and cuddles.

Why Is The Presence Of Pets In Retirement Villages And Assisted Living Facilities Beneficial?


The presence of pets among our residents or senior citizens has proven highly beneficial and successful.


Statistics reveal that over 64% of households have a pet and with that in mind, it is evident that many of these individuals making the transition into full-time care or to a retirement village would have needed to relinquish their pets to the care of family members or animal rescue groups. For anyone, this would be an emotional and distressing time particularly for senior members of the community.


A 2018 Animal Welfare League report found that only 18 per cent of residential aged care facilities allowed residents to live with a pet. This would mean that for many, surrendering their beloved animal would be a certainty.


Sharing your space with your pet can provide an opportunity for residents and staff to break the ice, start conversations, share stories and connect on mutual interests and feelings of happiness.


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How Do Pets Especially Benefit the Elderly?


For the elderly, studies have clearly demonstrated that the presence of pets deliver significant improvements to their quality of life. With many benefits ranging from therapeutic and psychological, academic, and cognitive, it is evident that pets can play an important role in our overall well-being .

MOOD: Pets can help increase levels of interest, happiness and lift the mood of those around them. Pet ownership can also provide motivation to stay active and mobile to enjoy time with their furry friend.

MENTAL HEALTH: Pets can create a state of calm, relieve stress and reduce levels of tension. Their presence can also increase mental stimulation. Enjoying time with a pet can be a more familiar and comfortable form of “intervention” than other therapies can offer.

GENERAL HEALTH: Pets can reduce blood pressure by alleviating stress and encourage mobility by boosting activity levels.

SOCIAL: Having pets in the presence of residents can often break the ice by providing a mutual topic for discussion, lifting the moods of many and bringing laughter to the room. For many, the transition into a new living arrangement and environment can be difficult, so the connections generated from spending time with pets can help ignite new friendships.


Pet friendly retirement villages, like Elements are not easy to come by. Here at Elements, we welcome you and your pets with open arms. Woof, meow, tweet!

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