Double Digits: Elements Turns Ten!

This September marks a decade since Managing Director and visionary, Ms Chiou See Anderson, officially opened the doors of Elements Retirement Living at Springwood. What a journey it has been, with Elements setting a new standard for Retirement Living across South East Queensland.

Nestled amidst the scenic Daisy Hill Forest, the Elements village has grown into a wonderful hub for over 50’s living.  We continue to implement innovative and exciting ways to enrich the lives of those in our community whilst nurturing the family bond we have created over the last 10 years.

Time sure has flown by quickly, and we are proud of how far our community has come. Third Age living is a “feast”.


Our story began in 2003 when founder Chiou See Anderson secured a beautiful block adjacent to the Daisy Hill koala habitat with a vision of building a retirement village with community and inclusivity at its core. Every detail, large and small, was thoroughly contemplated and executed to ensure resident wellbeing.

To help achieve that fuller enjoyment of life, the village, its design and development, embraced five key elements – spiritual, physical, social, psychological, and financial. Each of which, Elements Living would help to nurture, promote and support.

Whilst Elements is designed to be enjoyed equally by all residents, Chiou See did ensure a few extra feminine luxuries were included in the design process.

“I want to design homes for how women live. Simple things, like abundant bathroom storage for sanitary items, seasonal moisturisers, cosmetics, multiple hair products and good lighting for makeup application,” she told INSITE 10 years ago.

Over the next few years, that dream came to fruition, stage by stage, resulting in a sanctuary of 123 homes, a community centre, leisure and relaxation facilities, all nestled across the spacious 48,100m2 green environment.


Elements is a community within a community.

The village now has 171 wonderful residents who make up the growing Elements family. Each household brings something unique to our community, and the fun continues.

With the “third age” concept that inspired Chiou See ever prevalent at Elements, our team have continued to flip the idea of Retirement living on its head and give it a completely new meaning.

In the first age, you are nourished. In the second age you are a breadwinner. In the third age life is a feast. The past decade has certainly seen our community indulge. From exciting travel opportunities such as group trips to Singapore and Japan, decadent dinners, cultural fusion, fun and unique activities, and plenty of upskilling and education – Elements continues to ensure the residents live an abundant, enriched lifestyle.

There have been so many beautiful moments created at Elements, each seemingly more memorable than the last. Our tenth year has certainly been unique as a community. In these times of change and uncertainty, our community has remained the rock and a constant for each other. A true testament to the relationships, friendships, and bond we, as a community within a community, still share since that first ground turning a decade ago.

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