CPR Awareness Training

The Queensland Ambulance Service came to the Elements Living retirement community to talk about CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

The session began with a clear description of the warning signs of a suspected heart attack. Even those residents with a medical background were able to either learn something new or refresh their memories.

Traditional CPR techniques require energy and endurance and, while we are proud to say that Elements residents are fitter than most, the trained paramedics were able to show those who lack the stamina how they can still make a huge difference. Learning more about why a heart attack can happen and how the body responds meant that by the end of the day all of the attending residents were much better equipped to quickly diagnose and help minimise the risk of potential or actual cardiac arrests in adults, children and infants until the emergency services arrive.

After light-hearted but very helpful demonstrations with dummies and our own, sometimes gender-bending, volunteers, our Elements residents were introduced to simple mobile phone apps and emergency service systems which can save time and effort. The residents also contributed towards the Queensland Ambulance Committee and, together with the Workshop and Craft ‘n Chat groups and the Elements Social Fund, were able to raise more than $400 for the purchase of extremely important demonstration equipment.

All in all a very valuable experience, and a great afternoon.

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