Workshop Activities

Elements Living residents are never limited to their own community. Earlier this year, our Workshop was asked by Beenleigh Funerals if its members would be interested in producing a number of crosses for the Greek Orthodox community. Greek Orthodox crosses have a distinctive shape and are not as readily available as the more simple forms of cross. The Elements Workshop team felt privileged to accept this commission.

The wood that our group of in-house carpenters was given was in a very rough state. Using the wide selection of donated and purchased tools together with all necessary safety equipment, the Workshop team got to work, these handy residents making sure they always left plenty of time for a beer and a game of darts at the end of every session!

After dressing the rough wood, cutting out templates and constructing multiple crosses, it was time to paint them. Beenleigh Funerals were very happy with our residents’ hard and painstaking work. A bit of an unusual commission, but Elements Workshop members take it all in their stride!

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