Christmas Celebrations

Preparations for Christmas and celebrations galore have been happening since November. Travel
plans and medical schedules saw Elements residents busy very early this year putting up their
Christmas lights.
Craft and Chat
Ladies’ Christmas Party
On Tuesday afternoon 29 November 35 ladies of the village gathered for the annual Craft and Chat Christmas party. The hall looked fabulous thanks to Christmas elves who set up and to everyone who cleared away afterwards. Particular thanks to Margaret, whose organizing skills and artistic eye were
everywhere evident. And especial thanks to Dorothy, the hostess with the moistest, who excels at making everyone, particularly newcomers, feel welcome.
Ladies brought Christmas food, Secret Santa gifts and above all Christmas hats for the Hat competition.
What amazing talent! Pity the poor judges from the staff who had to choose the winner. So many contenders in the end multiple prizes were given. We all had a good laugh as the ladies paraded their hats in a conga line led by the indefagatible Lois. First prize was a Christmas lights display hat that Maris almost forgot to bring.
We’re so glad you dashed home again to fetch it, Maris. And thanks to Annie’s creative genius and to Maria, your golf buggy chauffeur.
There was a prize for guessing the number of glass pebbles in a jar won by Carol.
But the biggest laugh of the afternoon came with the drawing of the door prize. We know Margaret is a
tidy soul but throwing all the tickets in the bin before they’ve even been drawn was a tad too extreme Margaret! Ladies were treated to the unedifying sight of Kay and Margaret on their knees trawling through the waste paper basket. We hope we rescued all the tickets. And we hope you had a good
laugh, Ladies.
Thanks to everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all.

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