The Elements Living Melbourne Cup Lunch 2016

According to Chiou See, this 2016 Melbourne Cup Lunch was memorable, not only because it was the first in our new Community Centre, but also because it was the first in which she didn’t win anything.   Because she didn’t buy any tickets!   Everything looked fabulous.   The hall decorations were gorgeous, especially the turf theme on the tables –good recycling Lisa, lovely flowers, ladies.    And the residents and guests looked absolutely swish –we do scrub up well don’t we?!  Around 80 people in all, including some of our tradies, but all very comfortable in our new surroundings.The prawns, chicken and salads were yummy, and BYO meant that everyone had their favourite tipple.The Naming the Horse competition was fun, with plenty of imaginative variations on the words ‘Elements’ and ‘Elementary’, several Mr Eds, along with names such as Ugly, Toothy, Tonto.  The one that stood out as something completely different was………Forest Gump from Chris Moore. Very appropriate, Chris.   Her prize, also appropriate, was her very own horse –a hobby horse that is!   Will we be seeing you riding down the Forest trails any time soon, Chris? Prizes were given for Ladies’ and Men’s most original outfits.   There was some very elegant gear for the judges to choose from, but the outstanding winners were Mary Heck, our very own Mary Quant, complete with purple cap and specs.And Bill Winterbottom, spiffy in green, with white bow tie and spiv hat.  Looking good, guys!Raffle prizes, almost all alcoholic, were happily snaffled by the winners.   Bert took home first prize, a One Litre bottle of Baileys.   Guess there’ll be a few visitors to the Boundy’s in the near future.. Calling the Sweep was almost an after thought –after Chiou See had given us all our clean-up orders!     Nice to see the Coyers take out the big prize from the $5 sweep.   You can’t beat that.   Except that Karen did –sweeping the pool with win after win.   Has she taken over from Chiou See?All in all, a great day of fun and fortune in what they tell us is Australia’s favourite sport.   Really?  Our thanks to Lois, her Social Committee, the ever hard-working volunteers and, of course, the staff.   You did us proud!Thank you to Kay, Lois, Margaret and Julie McGregor for our Melbourne Cup coverage.

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