The Resident’s Christmas Dinner

Springwood Towers Hotel was again the venue for our Christmas Dinner this year, with a delightful menu, great food, superb service. Thanks to Vanessa and her team, and of course to Lois for her coordination of numbers and payment no easy task!
The awards organised by Lois and her team this year focused on our male residents. Charles Rice, who has since passed on, got a workshop underway for Elements up in a garage in 222. This year’s awards went to some of the men who had been involved with the workshop since those early days. With the musical theme of
“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s
off to work we go”,
there were awards of headwear for Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, just to name a few …..
But, who was Snow White? Good sports all, and lots of fun.
Julie McGregor, a photography enthusiast who has been getting to know more residents by taking photos for our newsletter, was herself photographed as our newest Birthday Fairy with her badge of office, her wand!

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