Here at our Springwood Retirement Village, we are not missing a beat. Residents are spoiled for choice with activities and the best part is that anyone can join, whether you call Elements home or not!

We pride ourselves on inclusivity. Our home is yours, you are part of our community, and as such, you too have access to the many wonderful events, activities and facilities that happen in the village!

To start, we offer weekly yoga, Zumba, fitness and tai chi classes to those in the local community and surrounding areas who want to change the way they age and enhance their wellbeing. Improving ones physical, mental, and social health and allowing one to feel amazing is for the goal and you are invited to join in. Each of our weekly events and activities provides a different way to keep your body moving with classes to suit all levels of fitness and interests.


Keen to work on that flexibility?

Enjoy experiencing mindfulness and relaxation?

Like to be social and connect with the Elements community?

Then join us for Yoga!

Whether you want to become stronger or more flexible, or you want to unwind, quiet your mind and let go, our yoga classes offer a range of health and wellness benefits. Yoga is a practice that cultivates a mind-body connection by correlating stretching and strengthening postures with conscious breathing techniques. It is an excellent way to keep your body active and healthy without joint stress.

You can get many benefits from practicing yoga, such as better balance and flexibility; many yoga poses focus on strengthening your core muscles to help you become steadier on your feet—reducing the risk of falls. Reduced anxiety and stress through meditation and mindful breathing are outcomes often enjoyed by our yoga participants .

Ready to get started with Yoga?

Join us at Elements for Yoga! Sessions are held weekly in our Community Centre. Bring your yoga mat and don comfy clothing.


Cost: $10 pp or purchase a 10 class pass for $80 (saving $2 per class) – Get your pass today!


It’s never too late to start exercising to improve your health and wellbeing. Regular exercise can help with many age-related issues and keep you strong, active and energised. Along with feeling better physically, other benefits include increased energy levels, improved cognitive function, reduced stress, anxiety, and so much more.

With our very well-equipped gymnasium, we have everything you need to start your exercise journey with the help of a qualified PT that will cater to your goals and fitness level. We will tailor a workout to suit your needs and focus on essential areas like muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and agility.

Ready to get started with Personal Fitness Training?

Our PT sessions are designed for beginners, seniors or other special populations who want to keep active. See you soon, ready in comfortable clothing for exercise and movement.

The weekly sessions are run by Jacquie and Gay, both fully certified fitness and Zumba instructors and fully covered by insurance.

Weekly Personal Training Session – Saturdays 8.30am-9.30am


Dance your way to a fitter, happier and healthier YOU!

Moving to the music makes it feel more like a Latin dance party than a workout. Zumba offers a fun, versatile class full of high energy, upbeat music but also a low joint impact easy to follow steps. You can be fit and active while also moving at your own pace. Have a jolly time flowing to the music; no rhythm required! You will get a great cardio exercise that melts calories, strengthens, and improves flexibility.

Ready to get started with Zumba Gold?

Classes welcome just about any fitness level, and moves can be modified to meet your needs. Show up in comfortable clothing, with your water bottle and a smile on your face, ready to boogie.

The weekly sessions are run by Jacquie and Gay, both fully certified fitness and Zumba instructors and fully covered by insurance.

Choose what best suits you. Purchase one class for $10 or save and bundle ten classes for $70.



Embrace the mind, body and soul through ancient martial art practice, Tai Chi. A very effective exercise for all-round health, easy to learn and soon delivers different health benefits improving balance and preventing falls. It consists of slow, smooth, graceful movements while focusing on breathing deeply. Tai Chi has been said to improve cardio endurance, flexibility, sleep, happiness, and the ability to concentrate on multiple tasks.

Ready to get started with Tai Chi?

Tai chi is a series of gentle physical exercises and stretches. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Tai chi is sometimes described as meditation in motion because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind and body.

Classes welcome just about any fitness level, and anyone who wants to keep active and the body moving. Show up in comfortable clothing for movement, with your water bottle and a smile on your face.

Cost: $8 per session. Join us for Tai Chi

For More Events and Activities

Visit our Facebook page to register for all the exciting events that are happening at Elements.





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