Workshop Induction

Those of you who have browsed the site or visited us will already know about the Elements workshop. Highly valued throughout the village, workshop members have constructed masterpieces and more simple solutions for Elements retirement village complex, as well as for local businesses, public buildings and charities. Every one of our residents is always welcome to share their knowledge or try their hand at a new skill during our workshop sessions held every Tuesday. With a large range of quality tools, there’s very little our workshop can’t handle.

It goes without saying that working with machines and hand tools can be risky business, especially if you don’t know your rasp from your elbow. To make sure our new DIY enthusiasts and interested parties stay safe, the workshop team arranges regular induction sessions. That way, everyone in the workshop, at home or messing around in the garage or garden knows how to use, store and maintain all manner of hand tools and electrical equipment.

This meant it wasn’t just workshop newcomers that attended. Many of our residents come along for the show, meaning the workshop team is always guaranteed a generous audience of metalworking, woodworking and other types of ‘working’ enthusiasts. An extra safety tip when joining in on the Tuesday workshop session – keep your head well clear of the dartboard at the end of the day.

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