Welcome Elements New Yoga Teacher – Matt Mulcahy

Elements are pleased to introduce our new yoga teacher, Matt Mulcahy. He is a passion-driven yogi, successfully pursuing his teacher training over the last decade in London and across Europe and has now returned home to Brisbane to share his gifts with Elements Retirement Living.

Matt’s love for yoga developed back in 2009 he initially started to practise in conjunction with his other passions, running and swimming. It didn’t take long for Matt to reap the many benefits that came along with practising regularly. That’s where yoga quickly became an essential principle in his life.

The yoga he teaches is one of alignment, strength and mindfulness. By blending these principles, he believes it is the best way to allow his students to unlock their physical and emotional potential further and deeper. Matt specialises in Vinyasa yoga, which is a full-body practice blending the breath with the flow. And over years of immersing in Yoga teachings, Matt also teaches other calming practices such as restful Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Inspired by the healing power of yoga, Matt’s goal is to create educational teachings to support all his students of any background and lineage. His classes are the perfect blend of empathy, humour, easy-to-understand language, flowing sequences and a modern approach to traditional teachings.

Benefits That Come With Practising Yoga

As you get older, keeping your body active and mobile can become more difficult. Fortunately, there are comfortable styles of yoga to keep you in shape, both physically and emotionally. Practising yoga is a beautiful way to build strength, calm your thoughts, and improve your overall health and well-being. There are different types of yoga and modifications to suit different needs, fitness levels, and preferences with a variety to choose from.

Here are a few benefits you will experience practising yoga as a senior:

  • Decreased Blood Pressure

Yoga has been said to reduce blood pressure, and by practising regularly, your blood pressure will stay low.  Seniors who engage in regular physical activity have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and several other chronic health conditions.


  • Better Sleep

Due to yoga’s relaxing breathing techniques, students have suggested that yoga is more effective than herbal sleep remedies. Many seniors struggle with insomnia. Practising yoga regularly could improve the quality of sleep and help you fall asleep quicker.


  • Greater Mobility

Stability, balance and flexibility is something that should be worked on at any age. As our mobility decreases with age, practising yoga can help with preventing falls by strengthening core muscles that ground the body’s stability. Yoga is a gentle way to increase the range of motions and strengthen muscles.


  • Calm the Mind

Throughout a yoga practice, student’s are constantly reminded to connect the mind and body, becoming completely aware of thoughts and emotions. This allows the class to reflect on the practice and stay connected, reducing stress and capturing mindfulness.


Are you ready to participate in gentle movements but need to stay seated? Elements also give the option in each session to enjoy Chair Yoga. A gentle form of yoga done while seated replicates all traditional yoga poses as seated poses.

Ready To Start Your Yoga at Elements?

We will be hosting weekly Yoga sessions every Wednesday from 10:30 – 11:30 am. Our weekly yoga sessions will be held in our beautiful, airconditioned Community Centre. Make sure to show up dressed comfortably and bring a yoga mat. This class is open to everyone and is $15 per casual class or $50 for a 5 class package.

We hope to see you at the Community Centre with Matt Mulcahy and embrace his strong guidance and calming spirit as much as we do.

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