Introducing our Community Beehive at Elements Living

What has got our community buzzing this spring?

Our brand new, community beehive!

Community beehive at Elements

At Elements Retirement Living at Springwood, our list of village facilities and community activities continually grows. We love seeing new and exciting initiatives that foster community spirit and the latest addition to Elements is no exception.


Being neighbours to the beautiful Daisy Hill Conservation Park, our residents frequently participate in and implement eco-friendly activities to promote and nurture a greener future. We have adopted a range of environmentally friendly practices and as a community, do our best to make our slice of paradise, more sustainable. We have introduced a “buzzing” new micro-ecosystem to our retirement village; a community beehive.


Bees can be underappreciated, but they are environmentally essential. The greatest contribution ofand other pollinators is the pollination of nearly three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. By raising bees in our very own backyard, we are helping bees along with their most very important role and what better place to do this than in our beautiful Springwood village, surrounded by so much nature.

Not only has our community beehive offered residents a new and interesting activity to participate in, but it also embodies our values and desire for a greener, healthier and happier future.

Unfortunately, research suggests the number of bees is rapidly declining, and with it our natural source of food. Our community hive is our small way to help nurture these incredibly hard workers, with the added bonus of enjoying some sustainably sourced, deliciously sweet HONEY!


At Elements Living, we are blessed to have many residents initiating and leading the way on wonderful village and community projects. Our very own John Brunott has done exactly this, taking up the new title of ‘Resident Beekeeper’!

John wears the beehive leader’s hat,in charge of ensuring the wellbeing of our beautiful bees and of course, collecting honey for our residents to enjoy. John has assembled the community beehive above the gully beside our workshop and has confidence that we can expect some fabulous local honey in the near future.

Be sure to check in on these fantastic creatures, recognise their significance to the world’s ecosystem, and be amazed with how they work purposely together to make the sweet treat honey.

At Elements, our village gates are always open. Be sure to contact our friendly team to arrange a tour and meet some of the friendly faces that call Elements home. There is so much happening here at Elements so sign up for our Newsletter to stay in the loop!


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