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Moving is described as one of the most stressful experiences in life, and even when coming somewhere as fantastic as Elements, it’s still an upheaval.

Imagine if you had to leave your furry friends behind …

Happily, that’s not the situation with our third age community. Elements welcomes your pets and offers them plenty of space to explore. With the coast just a short drive away and wooded bushland right next door, Elements isn’t just paradise for humans.

Join your new neighbours and take your dogs for a daily stroll through Daisy Hill Conservation Park, or even just around the village. You can be sure our residents will stop to say hello to you both. Just remember to bring the poop bags. For the feline lovers, our complex is a haven away from heavy traffic, although our resident felines prefer to stay close to home with many having their own kitty garden-runs constructed.  Your birds might need to compete with the locals when it’s time for morning chorus, and many of the outdoor spaces in our homes will accommodate a small pond. There’s no excuse not to come and have a look at our village. Unless your pet is equine, bovine or elephantine.

Our community magazine always includes a tail or two about four or two-legged community members. We welcome your pets, because we welcome you. Happy Living would not be Happy if you had to leave them behind, after all.

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