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Pioneers—Celebrating 8 Years!

In the week beginning Monday September 6 2010, the very first residents moved into Elements. Ever since, this small group has met up every year around the same time to reminisce about village life back in the early days, and to celebrate longstanding, rewarding friendships.

The ‘Famous Five’ would tell us that in late 2010 there were only 16 units on site. So, until more people moved in, some of these unoccupied units were used for meetings, Happy Hour and celebratory dinners, or turned into a temporary library and offices. Not much chance of that happening now!

Having seen our Happy-Living retirement village grow and flourish over the past 8 years, these pioneer residents have a lot of stories to tell. They have watched every stage in construction, up to the final homes. They have shared laughter, tears, tables, books, tools, cars, classrooms and recipes with every member of our community.

With 150+ residents now loving life at Elements, you don’t want to leave it to long to join us.

Lifelong Learning at Elements

We are never too old to learn new skills or increase or update our knowledge.

The free for residents U3A Classes at Elements are ideal for keeping the brain cells active. Starting in the new school term, Elements is proud to tell you more about our three interesting offerings.

Once every two weeks, the U3A history class meets. Although the degree of participation is completely voluntary, many residents choose to make an own presentation about a subject matter that is either close to their hearts or just plain interesting. Preparing for these presentations has provided amazing opportunities for residents to research an event, person or issue. Sometimes it is the presentation itself, and not the content, that is the main challenge; some of our residents have overcome their fears of speaking to groups and see this opportunity as a whole new area of personal development.

Also starting in the new school term, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, is our new Videography course.  Direct and share your own travel movies while learning about filming and editing techniques, graphics, effects and sound tracks both on video cameras and with a smart phone. And have we already mentioned that these courses are free for all of our residents?

The seemingly more traditional Photography Basics classes will continue each 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Well, we say traditional, but many of our residents leave the huge SLR lenses at home and just bring the phone along.

So, with 6 days of the month crossed off in the agenda, it’s no wonder Elements is home to the most curious, social, enthusiastic and motivated community.

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