Trivia, anyone?

At Elements, we listen to you. That’s one of the reasons we now have to hire two buses to bring our cleverest residents to a monthly trivia night out of town. It’s fun, but also a great opportunity to discuss and debate the right answers – which is probably why it’s become such a popular event. If no-one knows the answer, who cares? It’s still a lot of fun. In fact, it’s so much fun Elements took over three large tables at the event in February – it looks like our U3A classes are finally paying off!

Arranging outings that youwant to go on is important to us. After one of our residents wrote an article about Monte Lupo Gallery Café in the local newsletter – the Residents Rap – public demand asked us to arrange a visit. No sooner asked, the date had been set.  The interested group was able to see this art-filled gallery for themselves, getting lots of inspiration and ideas and planning another visit for the near future.

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