Life In Our Village

There have been a lot of green fingers, busy hands and full stomachs at Elements this month! Some of our residents have taken it upon themselves to keep the vertical garden in the community centre foyer looking healthy and fabulous. A stunning feature that, thanks to the helping hands of our expert gardeners, always looks its best.

Meanwhile, at Craft and Chat figuring out the correct way to fold a fitted sheet had us all in stitches. It’s funny how something so simple can be made so complicated! At the workshop a few items of last summer’s heavily-used outdoor furniture had come in for a revamp, while those that preferred a less hands-on activity enjoyed a game or three of bridge.

And here’s proof that our like-minded Elements community really is like-minded – or at least they have the same taste … for good Thai food. It seems that our residents are constantly bumping into each other at a local restaurant that is just a short drive away from our extremely social retirement complex. Word gets around if a restaurant is good – at one point four Elements couples just happened to end up at the same restaurant at the same time for a meal at one of the best Thai restaurants in town. But that’s not surprising. This is the Elements Happy Living community, where great minds think alike!

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