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At Elements Retirement Living, we have been on a journey to deconstruct how to achieve living by the Ikigai theory. The fourth rule in the Ikigai theory is to surround yourself with good people. There is no better place to connect with like minded folk than a luxury retirement village with a thriving social calendar!

Surrounding yourself with positive people is life’s best medicine. Being able to confide, share stories, enjoy time together and connect is plentiful at Elements. We believe that you are a product of your environment and we do our utmost to create an environment that that generates joy, happiness and positivity which in turn translates to a jovial, positive group of people able to bring out the very best in one another.

Throughout our research into the Ikigai rule of surrounding yourself with good people, we interviewed Elements Retirement Living manager, Dana Voyle. Dana was able to speak on many aspects regarding her experiences and growth with consciously living by this Ikigai rule. (Click to read Dana’s interview in this month’s My City Logan article).


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How Positivity Can Affect your Life

When it comes down to it, we are all social beings. This is so very true and apparent here at Elements Retirement Living in Brisbane. In our community, residents always have access to plenty of activities to exercise their need to socialise and expand their network of interpersonal relationships.

For example, you’ll often find our residents taking a scenic stroll through the Daisy Hill Conservation Park directly located right next to the Elements village. Establishing a circle of trusting people not only improves everyday experiences but works to boost your overall mood and form a support network to rely on throughout difficult times.

The power of friendship is never underestimated within the Elements village. Our community is all about bringing the residents together to celebrate and support one another. We understand that a life without positive interpersonal relationships is a life lacking the basic human needs of connection, support, and love.

Pursuing Positive People

Making a conscious effort to pursue friendships with positive people is a great step in the direction of living by the Ikigai theory. No matter what you may be going through, there will always be a silver lining. Most often, that lining is the fabulous people that surround you. Advice to consider by Dana Voyle “stop every single day and pause for a moment (or two)”. Each day you should reflect and appreciate all that life has blessed you with.

How Positive is Your World?

At Elements Retirement Living, there is always a new friend to be made. Could you benefit from inviting  more positive people into your life and inner circle? This Ikagari way suggests  you could enjoy a longer, happier, and more fulfilled life journey when you do.

So, take a moment  now to reflect on your interpersonal relationships and consider where you may have room to grow and prosper. Perhaps what you seek is at Elements Retirement Living?





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