Retirement Living with Elements July 2016

Welcome to the July edition of our Elements newsletter for 2016.

Know how large your circle of compassion is. Extend it daily. Never exclude yourself. Stephanie Dowrick

When we moved into our home in Rochedale South way back in the very early 70s, there were still many blocks of land being sold and houses being
built. One of the clear memories of those early days is the constant noise – hammering, saws, and all those sounds that come as a house is put togeth- er. Eventually, as the blocks filled up, the sounds changed to that of children playing and lawns being mowed.

Fast forward to our second home, Unit 104 here at Elements, and what are some of those early memories? Quiet, super quiet, especially at night. But, of course, as building continued, those building noises become familiar
again. That story has continued for us all, especially in recent months.

With the sounds and the movement and the buildings come rising expecta- tions. It’s not just anticipation of new faces and new friends when the units are complete, but the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of our Community Cen- tre, where we can gather and play, exercise our bodies and minds, and enjoy the company of friends, new and long-standing.

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