Our July Firefighter Talk

What is it about fire that always gets our attention? In the Friday after- noon session by retired firefighter, Ken Evernden, what really engaged us was not the horror stories and the dangers of fire, but his practical, down-to-earth presentation, with helpful hints and pertinent information.

How many of us knew that when we are asleep we can’t smell? That smoke will not wake us!

Ken gave us important suggestions for using leads and power boards; talked about ensuring we always use water in the microwave, and clean the various filters in the house; use electric blankets just to pre-warm the bed, being careful with storage.

We had lessons on the positioning and use of fire blankets, as well as fire extinguishers. He reminded us of PASS – Pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep – for the extinguishers.
There were so many issues touched on, and more to be ex-

plored, such as evacuation plans, assembly areas.

It was ironic that poor Ken had a long trip back to his home on the coast as a result of traffic congestion – caused by a car on fire! Big thanks to Ken for a fantastic presentation. And for the Wooden Spoons!

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