Redcliffe Day Tour

Redcliffe peninsula. Famous for its stunning beaches, aboriginal history, friendly atmosphere and … Redcliffe’s own Bee Gee brothers.

A group of Elements residents was given the opportunity to spend a day at this beautiful peninsula and enjoy various activities to suit everyone’s taste and pace. Avoiding the traffic by taking minor, very scenic roads towards Redcliffe there was enough time on the bus to recall memories of earlier times at this fascinating location.

We started our day at Pelican Park where we had morning tea among the huge black and white birds as they flew (or waddled) in for their own refreshments. This break gave us the fuel we needed for a guided city tour at a relaxed pace, as the autumn sunshine showed this stunning area in all its glory. Those who wanted to, walked further to Settlement Cove lagoon for a little sea air.

Meeting up at the Bee Gees Way, another guide told us everything we wanted to know about Barry, Robin and Maurice. There were plenty of opportunities for photographs, of course. After all of these activities, it was still only lunchtime, so we stopped at the Moreton Bay Yacht Club for a long, relaxed lunch and the occasional ‘pointy-finger’ disco move.

Taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon, our band of Elements culture-vultures continued to explore the immediate area, popping into a local art gallery before heading home.

OK, we might not have visited Redcliffe on the ‘First of May’, but we definitely weren’t going to feel ‘Guilty’ about that. In fact, our trip was ‘Too Much Heaven’, full of wonderful ‘Emotion’ and a lot of ‘Jive Talking’.  Elements, ‘You Win Again’!

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