Portofino Fashion Parade at Con Noi

(repost 1 Feb 2022 from former Vacenti managed Con Noi website)

Our Con Noi residents certainly have style!

Last month, Con Noi hosted a fashion parade. Our Resident’s Committee Activities Director, Gweneth, would like to thank Judith, Clare and her happy group of helpers who assist arranging the fashion parade twice a year, in conjunction with Roz Fridenberg, who runs Portofino Fashion.

Portofino Fashion takes the product to the customer, and has a mission “to supply exceptional, beautiful clothing at fabulous prices” that “mature women want to wear”.

Roz arrived early in the morning and displayed racks of clothes from the Portofino Fashion label; essentially a “pop-up” shop for the women of Con Noi to try on and purchase what they like.

Following this was the Fashion Parade, held in Con Noi’s Piano Bar for friends and families. Claire, Judith, Pat, Gweneth and Hazel channeled their inner model, walking the runway in clothing from the brand.

Everybody had a blast, and you can clearly see the enjoyment and style in the photos below!

The event ended with a morning tea, with profits going towards fundraising for Con Noi’s Resident’s Social Club.

We can’t wait to see what the Social Club brings us next!

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