Our first 90th Birthday celebration!

Congratulations to Charles on reaching this significant birthday milestone.

Our usual Friday Happy Hour became a truly festive occasion to mark the event. It was made special, not just with the usual cake and drink, but with a magnificent pig-on-the-spit. And a pig stuffed with a turkey, no less… is this a Turpig? A bread roll and delicious sauces were all that were needed to make for a tasty evening meal.


Then it was time for the sweets – and what amazing creations we had. A combination of talents, as Faith baked the cake and Mary iced it, and Lois provided the gorgeous cupcake creations. The appropriate toasts were followed by some of Charles’s witty stories, providing us with his wisdom distilled from his experiences at the checkout.


But, not to be outdone, a brand new baby almost stole the spotlight, with the announcement of the birth of the latest great grandchild. A very special moment for Marie and Charles and their family. The celebrations continued with their extended family over the weekend, and later with Chiou-See and staff.
Ninety years of living a full life are definitely worth bringing together family, friends, memories and stories. Well done Charles!

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