Brisbane City Hall Tour

On Wednesday 3rd June, eleven residents of our village hopped on the Village Bus and were driven to the city by Chris Anderson, arriving directly at the front door of the city hall at 10am.

As we were early for our 10.30am tour, we were asked by the City Hall staff if we would like to join the Clock Tower Tour at 10.15am. As there were quite a few steps involved, not all of us took up the offer. Those of us who did had a fabulous experience. We climbed steps to the lift that looked like it came from another era. It was newly painted in gold and black paint, and as we entered the lift I’m sure that a few of us were a little apprehensive, but we were surprised as we ascended with very little noise and motion. We left the lift and climbed more steps, passing on the way the inside mechanism of this iconic clock. And then came the incredible view of Brisbane. As we walked around the viewing area we could see the actual bells, differing in size, that ring out the time over Brisbane City. When we were going back down, in the lift, we heard the bells striking 10.30 and realised that there was a reason why the tour was only ten minutes!


We then met up with the rest of our group for the City Hall tour, which was very informative on the history of the building and the incredible things that were found in its restoration. We went to the basement where we saw an area of wall that had been left as it was during the restoration. On the wall were names left by Service Men during WWII.. Every one of those whose names were on the wall returned from the war. Doesn’t that give you goose bumps?!

The City Hall has in the past housed a nursery for working mothers to leave their children while they worked.There are several exhibits and displays, as well as a museum and gift shop. We were allowed time to wander on our own and browse at our own pace.

Lunch was booked for 11.45am at the Shingle Inn on the ground floor. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Too full from lunch to have sweets, some of us opted to buy a cake to take home from this famous Shingle Inn. Yummy! Chris arrived to pick us up at 1.30pm and we arrived back to Elements around 2pm, a group of people a little weary but very happy and ready for a cuppa! Some with cake.

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