More than just a Morning Tea – Elements Morning Teas with a Purpose

The weekly Craft and Chat group meet every Tuesday between 9:30 and 11:30 at the Community Centre and new faces are always encouraged. This popular group has been part of the Elements Living social backbone since it began, offering a vibrant and extremely welcoming weekly activity for our creative and not-so-creative residents. For many, Craft and Chat is the highlight of the week.

Over the years, the group has grown into something more than just a social group. It is now a socially aware group too.   The Elements ladies have taken it upon themselves to support a wide range of charities, making a huge difference to local and overseas concerns.

For example, this month all of our leftover wool was donated to Logan Libraries where they will be utilising it in the Neural Networks Art Project led by visual artist Chrys Zantris. Combining mindfulness techniques and social connectivity skills with the creation of a colourful display of knitted and crocheted nerve cells, the NNAP expresses the need to “keep your brain sharp, engaged and healthy”. This motto applies to every resident too.

This month also saw South East Region Learning College’s, Libi Coyer and staff pop in to thank our group for supplying toiletries and other small gifts for their group of disadvantaged students. They told us how our help made a difference and how appreciative the students were for our efforts; presenting us with a Certificate of Appreciation.   Naturally, Craft and Chat members had a big bag of knitted beanies and scarves to push into Libi’s hands as they left.

There was a special call-out to Elements newcomers to join in this month along with as many of our longer-term residents as we could squeeze in.  This community knows how important a healthy social life is and on this particular Craft and Chat get together, we enjoyed local produce such as homemade cumquat jam from our community garden trees as the larger than usual group welcomed our latest arrivals.

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