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Craft and Chat Celebrations

Craft and Chat celebrated its fifth birthday on September 17th. For half a decade, this group of ‘crafty’ ladies have spent their Tuesday mornings in the company of tea, coffee, cake, wool, thread, charitable goals, a great sense of humour and, of course, each other. Over the years, Craft and Chat has contributed to local, national and international funding drives, producing various knitted, baked or sewn items for needy communities, as prizes for raffles and draws or presents for much-appreciated Elements visitors and guest speakers. At the same time it is a weekly social event with a particularly energetic blend of learning, skill, laughter, heart and determination.


The Elements Battle of the Birds

If you like birds, you’ll love living at Elements. The surrounding Daisy Hill Conservation Park provide a bird-spotter’s paradise with its broad variety of local native species and a morning and evening chorus that beats any man-made tune. In addition, our residents are currently taking part in the ‘Battle of the Birds’.

While nature lovers enjoy the local wildlife, quirky garden lovers appreciate the current friendly competition between Elements neighbours. Natural-looking or brightly-coloured birds of the plastic and metal variety are popping up at regular intervals in our resident’s gardens. There is a slight aura of one-upmanship as these exterior decorators add a new feathered creation to their landscaped gardens. Avian-appreciators should enjoy this new nature/art trail that runs through the Elements complex. Come for a visit and see for yourself. And don’t forget to bring your camera.


Pozz the Great

Elements is lucky to have Chiou See. Not only does she have an incredible sense of vitality and fun that perfectly matches the Elements Happy Living lifestyle, she also happens to live next door to Pozz – our much appreciated and extremely skilled chef.

There’s no reason why a community kitchen shouldn’t be imaginative. Elements residents are often treated to exotic and gourmet delicacies designed, prepared and served from the Elements kitchen. Together with Matt, Pozz is responsible for our monthly themed Social Dinners as well as many other culinary get-togethers.

With 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry and 10 years as a workplace trainer, the Rochedale High hospitality students are under the best guidance by a recognised name in the catering trade. Awarded the first ever Life Membership Award at the Restaurant and Catering Association of Queensland, he works closely with local agricultural, corporate and food production firms, helping ensure the best food quality and freshness state-wide. Pozz has catered for the Commonwealth and World Masters Games, and Queensland’s first Food and Wine Festival. A top chef and restaurateur, Elements is privileged to enjoy his intense, mouth-watering creations.



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