Feeling Festive At Elements: Christmas In The Village

Christmas for many symbolises the coming together of friends and family, reflecting on the year that was and of course plenty of over-indulgence. All around, there is festive spirit as far as the eye can see and the Elements Village is no exception.

This year saw the world largely affected by a Global Pandemic that would change life as we knew it, indefinitely. Luckily for us, our community had minimal disruption as we came together to streamline processes and navigate our way safely through Covid-19, as a unified and connected Village. This solidarity, support and teamwork brought the residents closer and now, we are relishing in Christmas cheer as an even more tight-knit community.

Christmas is such a special time of year and at Elements Living, we are surrounded by festive spirit.

This is how we do it at Elements.

Light It Up! Christmas Lights

The beginning of December traditionally marks the start of Christmas festivities. To commemorate the most exciting time of year, the Village LIGHTS UP.

In the first week of December, communal gardens and residents’ homes were draped with lights and Christmas décor. At once, the lights were turned on initiating the beginning of the silly season. Street by street we strolled through the village, taking in the dazzling transformation that the residents had put together. It was wonderful to see this spectacular display of both community and Christmas spirit.

After admiring all the magnificent efforts to light up the village, we moved to the community centre to enjoy some caroling. Our very own residents sung several Christmas carols to bring the lovely evening to a close.

There is no shortage of festive cheer here at Elements Living! What a great start to the season!





A Christmas Feast

Any special occasion would not be complete without an Elements dinner in the Community Centre, and Christmas is certainly no exception. Our monthly dinners looked a little different this year as residents dined in with close neighbours, rather than with the village in its entirety. We are thankful that just in time for Christmas we were able to come together as a whole village for Christmas Dinner.

Taking this opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family was truly a blessing after an unpredictable 2020. We were served with a delectable buffet of Christmas favourites including the all-important ham and turkey! A social celebration would not be complete without flowing cocktails and mocktails of which there were plenty.

To get the residents swinging into the festive spirit, we were joined by ‘The Entertainers’ who spoiled us all night with their repertoire of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music. Ian and June from The Entertainers brought the village to their feet for an impromptu line dance which was the perfect way to close the evening.


Your Family is Our Family

Fun for the whole family.

At Elements, your family is our family, and all are welcome. This time of year, many families are travelling and enjoying quality time with loved ones and Elements certainly provides the perfect address for the family gathering.

We are an inclusive community and ensure that our residents feel inclined to invite their nearest and dearest to immerse themselves in all that Elements has to offer. From resort style facilities, an abundance of space and the neighbouring Daisy Hill National park there is much for the whole family to enjoy. The grandkids will adore the village just as much as we do.

A Final Thought during our Elements Christmas

We place significance on connection and relationships (part of life’s essential elements), providing as much opportunity as possible to bring our residents together.

It is sad to recognise, but social isolation and loneliness is prevalent among many senior citizens across society. This was made more apparent when difficult social distancing restrictions were implemented by the state’s chief health officer to protect our most vulnerable, confining many to their homes away from friends and family.

Now more so than ever, we recognise the importance and need for strong communities and understand that through adversity – connection and a strong support network is simply essential. Living at Elements nurtures this and we encourage anyone who may experience the pitfalls of social isolation to join that community, to participate in this extended family, never feeling alone, especially during the festive season.

Extend a Merry Christmas to your neighbour, wherever you may be this season. Merry Christmas!




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