Elements goes to Singapore

In March 2018, 57 residents, family members and friends took a trip to Singapore. As one of our residents called this, “the longest Happy Hour that Elements has had yet”, you can be sure every minute in this amazing city and its surroundings was taken full advantage of!

Elements residents are able to bring along their choice of company to all of our trips – the more the merrier! And this year’s Singapore tour was no exception. Each member of our fun-loving group was able to bring countless memories back home. We visited markets and puzzled over the local produce, took a boat trip along the Singapore river, explored the fantastic horticultural domes at Gardens by the Bay and had breakfast with Orangutans before stimulating the brain cells with a guided and very informative zoo tour.

The next three days were spent in the Portuguese harbour town of Malacca, immersing ourselves in the local Nnonya culture (and food). This part of the trip included exploring the World Heritage site of Melaka which we got to by cruise boat, and beautiful Kampung Morten. Our trips always make sure there are plenty of pit stops and everything happens at a gentle pace. When it got too hot, we found the shade. When we had had our fill of culture, we went shopping. And there was always plenty of time put aside for smaller groups to do their own thing. The more energetic ones headed off to places like Waves Bridge, while other groups visited churches and botanical gardens or simply sat under the shade of an umbrella at a café and watched the world go by. So it’s not just Elements Village that has something to suit everyone; on our guided trips and tours, every single activity is tailored to fit the preferences and wishes of as many group members as possible.

Our lovely holiday ended back in Singapore where a final group dinner gave us the opportunity to talk about our many Singaporean experiences . We looked forward to telling our neighbours, family and friends back home why they should definitely sign up for the next trip!

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