Active Living in Retirement

It does not matter what age you are, staying active is a key ingredient to improved wellness and living a happy and healthy lifestyle!

In addition to improved physical fitness, our health and wellness facilities around our village also promote a healthy social life. Our residents often participate in physical activity alongside village friends. These facilities are not just embraced  by our residents. Our gymnasium, pool and walking tracks are also shared and enjoyed with the grand-kids and family members (we are one big family here!).

Exercise grows increasingly more important for a healthy life as we age, and Elements Living provides a selection of amenities to enable just that!


Brisbane Retirement Village



Getting into the gym is a great hobby to have at any age, although being in retirement it is an even better way to stay healthy during your more leisure filled days. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information state that exercise has benefits such as minimising the threat of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some strains of cancer. Building muscle and maintaining strong bones also allows you to increase independence as you continue to age and assists in the prevention of falling.  Physical activity is also greatly linked to mental health, it acts as a stress, anxiety, and depression relief whilst improving sleep, and boosting endorphins and serotonin.  The Greenfields additionally state that regular exercise can improve cognitive function and lower the risk of dementia, no matter when you begin your fitness journey. The benefits are many.


Brisbane Retirement Village



Swimming is another fabulous way to stay active and have fun! As we come into the warmer months, doing a few laps, taking part in water resistance exercises or even water aerobics are amazing hobbies to pick up or continue. The Elements  pool facility is well equipped and is an especially great way to stay active for those who have their reservations about the gym. Working out in the water is fun and adaptable and can be be as challenging as you wish and is particularly easy on the joints. Taking part in water activities can also improve balance, assisting in the prevention of falls. Overall, this is a great way to build muscle and stay cool, whilst benefiting from the water’s ability to reduce joint pain.


Brisbane Retirement Village


Walking Track

At Elements Retirement Living, we are blessed to be located right next to the amazing Daisy Hill Conservation Park. This location is one of the largest recreation hubs in South East Queensland. It is also part of the Koala Bushland Coordination Conservation Area, so you can expect to see some native Australian wildlife in your adventures. Daily strolls through this beautiful landscape, easily accessible from Elements, is another great way for residents to stay active. Regular brisk or leisurely walks have some incredible benefits such as improving blood circulation, supporting your joints, improving breathing, strengthening your bones, losing weight, improving sleep, encouraging good mental health, and increasing motivation.

Find Your Fitness Calling

With all the free time available in your third age, we encourage you to get physical today (it’s one of the five key elements)! Living at Elements,  you can find your fitness groove and stay active. ­Physical Activity oozes with benefits, so come and join in on the fun today! ­­­­

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