Happy Hour with a difference!

Happy Hours with a difference

Two of our recent Fridays have seen a slightly different take on our usual Happy Hour gatherings. The first was a lunch time event, and the other an added activity.

Sausage Sizzle

With the weather cooperating beautifully, the Bush Garden provided the venue for a lunch time Sausage Sizzle Happy Hour. It certainly hit the spot with a number of residents who don’t usually venture out in the evening. It’s amazing how tasty a simple sausage, bread and sauce can be when eaten outdoors in the company of interesting friends and neighbours. It did require extra effort in setting up chairs and tables, and doing the BBQ, so a big Thank You to all who made this happen in such a pleasant way. You can even see a couple of grandchildren here, as well as one great-grandchild!


It might be heads down, and Sel’s glass is almost empty… But? Who said Bingo is dull! Well, it’s certainly not that when our Elements residents gather with Lois and her trusty bingo ball.It was a small group, interestingly mainly some of the longer term residents, who gathered for Happy Hour and Bingo up at 222.


But we had a great time, super food, including delicious hot nibblies and sausages. And much laughter. Poor Tony, he calls Bingo, but being married to the Bingo caller, he’s not allowed to reap all the rewards of his lucky call. Consolation prize? He got to be the Caller for the last couple of games.


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