The Changing Face of Communication

If you ever wanted an insight into how technology has changed the way we communicate, consider this – here at Elements we’ve established our own private, next-generation fibre optic network to ensure residents can access the fastest possible internet speeds.


That’s right – whereas once a community such as ours would have primarily focused on quality accommodation, superior facilities and social clubs, these days our residents place equal importance on being able to connect via the online world.


While many of their tech-savvy grandchildren have never known a world without social media, online banking and FaceTime, our residents remember a world where the only way they could communicate was in person, on the phone or by posting a letter.


Times have certainly changed.


Now it feels like we have limitless options to transfer information, from texting and Skyping to sharing messages, photos and even videos on social media platforms that allow us to connect with seemingly everyone we’ve ever met.


And while some seniors understandably feel conflicted about the rapid pace of change, there is no doubt technology has made the world a better place in many ways – just ask any of our residents with loved ones interstate or overseas.


Where long-distance phone bills were something to be feared not all that long ago, these days we are able to not only spend hours on such calls but do so while looking into the eyes of our children and grandchildren we adore thanks to technology we could once only dream of.


Furthermore, the rise of email, text and instant message and social media means we have the ability to remain connected with people that we once would have lost touch with the moment they passed through our lives.


The desire to communicate in new ways at a local level has also grown, with a prime example being Elements Retirement Living’s innovative decision to introduce what we believe is an Australian-first – a personal iPad, cloud-based communication hub allowing our residents to connect to each other and village management.


Like our super-fast internet speeds, it’s all about providing residents with the tools they need to have the freedom to embrace new forms of communication.


At the end of the day, we want them to have options. Because while nothing will ever replace the personal touch of an Elements Retirement Living street party or Happy Hour at Club Elements, there’s also nothing like being spoilt for choice when it comes to communication.

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