Talking Workshop Safety

The visitor to the workshop was Ron Hawkey who belongs to the Tweed Valley Woodcrafters Association, based at the Murwillumbah Show Grounds.  While Charles has been involved in wood craft for around 10 years, Ron’s involvement has been much longer.  He is particularly adept at producing pens, hence his amazing array that he brought to show.

Charles, however, would not allow the venerable Ron into the workshop.  The reason? Ron was wearing thongs, a definite safety issue.  It was only when a pair of Charles’s shoes provided the appropriate footwear for the very apologetic Ron, that entry to the workshop was granted.  Great to see that while the workshop participants don’t want heavy-handed rules getting in the way of their enjoyment, the significant issues such as safety are being given their due attention.



Ron very generously donated three of his beautifully crafted wooden  bowls to the Craft and Chat group, where they were raffled along with a Scotty Dog tin, making the winners and the group’s kitty very happy!

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