Staying Healthy at Elements

Two health-themed events were held at Elements this month. And with the majority of our residents taking part in one or more of the village’s many fitness sessions – Zumba, aquarobics, Tai Chi, walking, Exercise with Ange, darts (well, you have to walk to the board and back), bowling and chair Yoga – there was a good turnout for both.

The first was an informative session about essential oils. Residents learned about the history and mechanisms of these fragrant (and not so fragrant) concentrated complementary therapies in the community centre.

The second talk was also very popular. Residents attended a group session which discussed the importance of joint mobility. From basic anatomy to encouraging the body’s own production of synovial fluid, the Happy Living community found out how to keep their joints supple and healthy through a series of exercises, diet and massage. Elements offers so many opportunities to get out and about. It’s worth looking after those joints so you can make the most of every Elements occasion!

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