Smoke filled forest BBQ a great success!

BBQ at Daisy Hill Koala ParkElements retirement village is located right next door to the beautiful Daisy Hill Conservation Park. The park itself is actually a combination of state forest, education centre and national park. Its a magnificent part of the world.

If you haven’t visited the park, including the Koala education centre, you really should put it on you “must do” list. The majesty of the environment beckons every time we look over to it. We took extra notice recently.

BBQ at Daisy Hill Koala Park cookingToday we packed a few goodies for lunch and headed into the Daisy Hill Conservation Park area. A number of the residents had just returned from a morning trip to Hawkins Nursery and travelled in the village bus to the picnic ground.

BBQ at Daisy Hill Koala Park burn offTo our surprise, and for the first time in 10 years, the Qld Parks and Wildlife folk had decided today was the day for a controlled burn off right next to the BBQ areas!! Fortunately the winds were favourable and we witnessed the burn off without too much the smoke.

BBQ at Daisy Hill Koala Park feeding the rangersOur BBQ flames were no match however for the burn off the rangers were undertaking. They looked mighty hungry so we invited the gang to join us. Around 12 rangers dropped in and we shared some snags and good conversation. Great time had by all.

BBQ at Daisy Hill Koala Park packing up“The BBQ in the smoke-filled forest was a great success,” said Elements Managing Director Chiou See Anderson, “all we need to do now is get the smokey smell out of our hair, clothes, shoes, skin…” We’ve added the Park BBQ to our regular social activities, minus the smokey burn-off of course.

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