Provision of Care at Elements – Information Session

Club Elements was the venue for a gathering of residents and guests for a morning of information sessions presented by Chiou See, and by representatives from Anglicare and Tunstall.

Chiou See Anderson, Elements’ Managing Director, updated attendees on the progress of the village and spoke of her philosophy for residents to enjoy life at Elements as they age.

care_provision_info_sessionVicki from Anglicare was a passionate speaker and advocate for best practice in aged care programs. She spoke about the change in attitudes towards the provision of care, with an emphasis now on what the person receiving the care wants and needs, and not just on what the service provider tells them they need.

From 1st July 2015, each person receiving a care package will be allocated a budget amount from which they can select those services they want, with a co-payment maximum of $9.

Elements uses Anglicare as a service provider, and an Anglicare package can include such things as in-home assessments, physiotherapy, toe nail clinic, social worker, chaplain, 24 hour palliative care, and a memory loss unit.

Always time for a cuppa at Club 222
Always time for a cuppa at Club 222

Warren, from Tunstall Healthcare System, had a Show and Tell presentation of the variety of security items available through Tunstall. He provided background on the company with reassuring information about systems in place for the constant monitoring of the alarm systems.

He spoke about the service we receive through our existing Tunstall connection, which is designed for all emergency situations. He emphasised the importance of monthly testing of the button battery which does have a normal 5 year life, and there is also a 40 hour battery backup in case of power failure.

He spoke about a range of other available items such as a fall detector, a detector for overflowing water, and an easy press button for those with limited hand or finger strength, alarm mats, and door alarms.

Guests were given the opportunity to visit the homes of some of the residents.

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