Not So Easy on Sunday Morning

A close, contented community shares everything: fun, feasts, space and hearts. At Elements, our social gatherings also include an occasional bout of hard work, whether this means a particularly exuberant aquarobics session, a monthly dance evening or simply cleaning out the communal storeroom.

On a sunny Sunday morning, Elements residents gathered to lend a hand sorting, cleaning and setting up the storeroom shelves at our community centre. With so many willing volunteers the work part of the day didn’t take long. This meant there was plenty of time to celebrate our toil. Lunch was preceded by a ribbon-cutting ceremony that finally opened up our recently completed Eastern deck. This large, wooden deck area nestles against the eucalyptus groves and provides our residents, their friends and family with yet another outdoor communal space. The solemn part of the opening ceremony was followed by a much less solemn BBQ on our new deck, where all of our labourers could put their feet up and congratulate themselves on a Sunday morning’s job well done.

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