Elements showcase Japanese Zen Garden

Elements Retirement Living @ Springwood is the first retirement village to showcase an authentic Japanese designed and constructed Zen garden.

Zen, which means meditation, is the focus for this beautiful tranquil setting. Set against a backdrop of 470 hectares of Australian koala bushland, the garden will be accessed by a main gate crafted out of red cedar. There is also a tea house with a viewing platform to enable residents to enjoy the two waterfalls, ponds and bridges as a reflection of ying and yang, symbolising balance and harmony.

The design team lead by Tokyo based Tamon Yamaguchi. Tamon, a Landscape Master of 15 years, specializes in the art of plant shaping. His team of 3 assistants – Sei, Kato and Taisuke, each has their own fields of expertise, ranging from rock placement to landscape sculpture to waterfall/pond design.

As Chiou See Anderson, Managing Director of Elements explains, “As Australia gets increasingly multi-cultural, it is important that we provide a special tranquil place for our residents to enjoy quiet reflection and meditation. I have always admired the Japanese people’s ability to incorporate so many meaningful and complex elements into their gardens and still be able to achieve immense beauty and serenity. It is for this reason that Elements decided to bring these 4 gentlemen from Japan to create and craft an authentic living Zen garden so that we will have a story that unfolds as our village unfolds.”

The garden is set against a backdrop of extensive Daisy Hill State Forest koala habitat. Entering via the authentic cedar wood gate, visitors to the garden are immediately greeted by a (taller) male and a (shorter) female waterfall cascading into a large pond before trickling into little rock passages under a couple of crafted bridges.

Zen Garden Waterfall

 A tea house/viewing platform allows for quiet reflection and peaceful enjoyment of the tranquil surrounds whilst feasting on magnificent display of plants including Sango Kaku (Acer Palmatum), Trident Maple, Tropical Birch , Crape Myrtle, Scarlet Maple, Eumundi, White Oak, Chinese Elm, Weeping Wiilow, Banbusa Chungii, Bamboo, Nepalese Blue , Timor Black, Japanese Maple, Zosia, Mondo grass and Viola.

Zen Garden - Lush and TranquilOur Zen Garden, well established and well loved by our residents, provides a sanctuary to contemplate and reflect, to gaze and wonder, to embrace the wonderfully lush and tranquil surrounds. Its the perfect place for those magical escapes and peaceful moments.

Zen Garden - Reflective

pop in and see us!

Enjoy a pleasant, leisurely tour at our retirement village, including our tranquil zen garden and browse through a variety of home designs. Its easy and we’d love to show you around. Just drop in to our display centre open six days or contact us at anytime.


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