Introducing Conpago: Staying Connected with Technology at Retirement Living at Elements

At Elements Retirement Living, we value staying connected. This is particularly important for our residents who have loved ones long-distance and overseas. We’re incredibly fortunate to have a community of residents who love working with technology and learning how they can strengthen online connections with their friends and family. With the recent release of Conpago @ Elements, things have been taken to a whole new level.

Elements retirement living residents enjoying the new Conpago app on their phones and ipad


The Beginning of Conpago

It was five years ago that Element’s founder and Managing Director, Ms Chiou See Anderson delivered an iPad into every home in the Elements community, pre-installed with a web-based Resident Portal. The iPad and the portal allowed Element’s residents to share contact details, calendars, newsletters and more with their village community.

Two years later, Chiou See met the founders of Conpago, Mackenzie Jackson and Marley Brown. A business partnership began soon after learning that Conpago was developing a new platform that bettered the web-based Resident’s portal being used within the Elements community. Mackenzie and Marley spoke of their personal experiences having struggled to stay connected with their grandparents, especially with family members being overseas. It was after hearing the founder’s story and motivation that Chiou See knew Conpago would be the perfect fit for the Elements retirement living community.

Conpago founmders, Mackenzie Jackson and Marley Brown

Fast forward to March 2022, we’re thrilled to announce that Conpago @ Elements has formally launched! Chiou See stated, “being the first retirement village in the world to introduce a resident and management solutions platform sets us up to meet resident demands and improve village efficiency.”


What is Conpago?

In short, Conpago @ Elements is the first full-scale retirement village app (for Apple and Android devices) in the marketplace combining medical alerts with village and resident management. Conpago is available for all Elements Retirement Living staff, residents, and family members on the Apple app store and Google Play. Through the Conpago platform, users gain access to:

  • Medical alerts
  • Calendars and events
  • Photos and videos
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contact details
  • Gardening requests
  • Newsletters
  • Appliance Manuals
  • And more.

Since introducing the web-based Resident portal in 2018, the Elements community have proven to be an extremely tech-savvy bunch. The early sign since releasing the Conpago @ Elements apps is that our Elements community are quickly becoming fluent in using Conpago, allowing them to easily interact with the user-friendly application and stay up to date with all the village happenings and news.


Why We Need Conpago

The Elements Retirement Living community highly value family and friends and being connected and social.

Conpago is the perfect fit for Elements with Mackenzie and Marley designing the platform with the sole purpose to boost connection amongst elderly communities and their families and neighbours. Marley stated that “meaningful social connections are an essential element for happy and healthy ageing.” We couldn’t agree more!

Marley continues, “at Conpago, we have made it our mission to help the elderly stay in touch with their loved ones. By empowering the elderly into the digital age through our Conpago platform, we aim to create care communities in which the elderly, family members and care providers are all connected.”


Join the Conpago @ Elements Community

Are you a member of Elements @ Springwood or Elements @ Con Noi Carindale family, or have loved ones / family in these communities? If yes, be sure to download the Conpago application or learn more about it here.

For assistance on downloading or navigating the Conpago app, you can speak with our friendly team (Liz at Elements @ Con Noi Carindale or Dana at Elements @ Springwood).

Reinvigorate connection with your community and loved ones!




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