International Ladies Day

From a famous male saint to an entire global population of earth-angels, there’s always something worth celebrating at Elements. A knees-up, or an opportunity to learn, our community of curious and active minds has it all, and right on the doorstep.

International Ladies Day has always been a reason for the Craft and Chat Group to arrange an emotional, thankful celebration of women past and present. The local ladies of Craft and Chat kept it close to home this year, sharing stories of the women that have helped to shape their own lives in small or encompassing ways. These heroines ranged from a revolutionary figure overshadowed by a similarly revolutionary husband (Lenin), to close female relatives. Of course, our own Elements ladies had plenty of their own tales to tell, filling the entire space with laughter. This being Craft and Chat, all of these scintillating tales were shared over tea, coffee and cake. A delightful celebration of women-power at Elements.

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