How to keep a fit mind and body during isolation

As lockdown measures continue to become tighter across the country, it’s important to keep busy and active while we are being urged to stay inside and out of contact with friends and family.


Whilst we may not be able to do our usual every-day activities, there are plenty of other ways to keep the mind and body healthy during isolation.


Elements Retirement Living Managing Director, Chiou See Anderson has put together some tips to keep sharp while they self-isolate.


  1. Stick to a regular routine as much as possible – If you go for a walk every morning, try some simple at-home exercise instead. Eat at the same time and find alternative activities where you may go out on weekly errands – perhaps tasks around the house.


  1. Continue to move your body – Chair workouts are a great option for those with mobility limitations. Yoga stretches can also loosen the joints and improve flexibility. Here at Elements, residents can still keep a healthy and active body thanks to the online exercise classes on the Elements issued iPad’s and in-house residents app.


  1. Stay in touch – Connection is important, even if it is virtual. If you usually catch up with your knitting or golf group on a weekly basis, organise a phone call at the same time so you can keep up the communication. Touch base with family daily so they know if you need any supplies or just a chin wag.


  1. Mind games – Keeping your mind strong is just as important as physical exercise. Try taking the time to complete a crossword, sudoku or a puzzle a few times a week to challenge your brain.


  1. Get away from reality – During times of stress, taking your mind off the present is a great way to ease anxiety. Reading is a wonderful way to do this as it takes your eyes away from the screen and lets you become immersed in a different world.


  1. Learn a new skill – Take time out and move your focus to a new skill or hobby. Cooking is a great activity as recipes are easy to come by in magazines, the paper and online or perhaps painting is more your style!

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